Everyone needs to plan ahead for themselves and for their loved ones and one of the best ways to ensure that you will be departing from this world without any worries. Don’t sign-up just yet! There are many insurance policies out there however; you don’t need to sign for each one for doing so costs a LOT of money. To help you out, whether you have to pay debts, the future of your family or just want to be sure that you leave a legacy, let’s determine which insurance policy you should avail. This time, it’ll be Burial Insurance vs. Life Insurance.

Burial Insurance

As someone who wants to get an insurance policy, you have to know why some insurance policies actually exist. As for the burial insurance, that form of insurance is for the expenses which would be incurred if something happens to you along the way. Basically, it is a prepaid funeral, to make things very simple. However, this is recommended for those who do not have a Life Insurance (we’ll get to that) going for them. On the other hand, almost all burial insurance covers only that, burial expenses and almost always does not have the lump sum to let your chosen beneficiary use. Since this will cover your final expenses from funeral homes to the final piece of Earth (or urn if you want to be cremated) you’ll be using the money you invested to rest truly peace.

Life Insurances

We’re sure that you’ve heard of these couples of times before. Life Insurances basically need your investment so when you die, chosen beneficiary (ies) will receive a sum of money that was in the policy you signed up for. Some are lifetime insurances; some cover you for a term – 20, 25, or 30 years. Some may get beneficiaries as much as $1,000,000.00 or more when you unfortunately happen to pass away.

Pitting them together

In essence, burial insurances generally cost much less than a life insurance. IT is easier to get this kind of insurance for most does not really need a check-up with the doctor. It covers your death expenses and burial too, however, it does not necessarily mean you don’t get money after you die. You do get some however, since it will not be that big, you’ll end up using it for the funeral expenses.


Getting life insurance policies can be costly but rewarding. When you pass away, everything will determined on what policy you may have thought of using – term being an insurance policy that covers you from a certain amount of time, lifetime being an insurance policy that covers you your whole life, or permanent premium that will continue to ask money from you but increases the value your beneficiaries will receive after you pass away.

In short, burial insurances are for that, burial, and life insurances conversely are for the continuation of the people you will leave in this world. In a scenario when you are pitted to decide between burial insurance vs. life insurance, remember that getting the most out of your insurance policy is to know how it actually works and what benefits and suits your lifestyle most.