Eyeglasses were originally designed to help people see. But now, eyeglasses are more than that. They took a great spot in the fashion world and the days when glasses are only meant for geeks are all gone.

Nowadays, eyeglasses have become a fashion statement. There is a wide range of eyeglass designs that you can choose from. There are funky and chic eyeglasses that you can use to complement your daily attire. There are thick eyeglasses and there are glasses with round frames.

In order for you to pick the perfect eyeglasses for you, here are the top 5 trendy eyeglasses for 2017.

1. Square-Shaped Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses are not boring if you choose to wear the modern-day design. A square-shaped eyeglasses will give you a fashionable, modern-day nerd gaze. The square frame will surely give your outfit a complete look.

Square-shaped eyeglasses look great on people with oval or round-shaped faces. Both women and men can achieve a geeky look effortlessly on these glasses.

A soft and thin square frame is best to achieve a casual look. If you want to look more professional or want to achieve a student look, try to get the thick square glasses with a black frame.

Just like other fashionable eyeglasses, there are expensive and affordable square-shaped eyeglasses. When you choose the right one, make sure that it is durable, reasonably-priced and of course, fashionable.

2. Semi-Rimless Eyeglasses

Want to achieve a sexier look while keeping the professional appearance? Grab your own semi-rimless eyeglasses. It is a powerful accessory you must have for a sleek, sexy you!

Most semi-rimless eyeglasses have unisex frames. They are fashionable and nowadays, they are very popular. They are unique and the frames are lightweight compared to traditional glasses. They are classy and comfortable wear.

Semi-rimless eyeglasses are perfect for a wide range of face types. Get the best one you like and be proud to wear your glasses together with your sexy outfit!

3. Round-Cat Eyeglasses

Another type of fashionable eyeglasses that you could have branded, or budget-friendly, are the round-cat eyeglasses. This type of glasses will give you a stylish look while giving your appearance a more of feminine touch.

When paired with the right outfit, cat-eye frames will absolutely look fashionable and eye-catching. It is a perfect fashion wear to make an individualistic style statement. This is best for those who have a darker skin.

Add a little personality to your outfit by picking the right round-cat eyeglasses. Working professionals and students would also look great on these eyeglasses.

4. Tortoise-Shell Finish Eyeglasses

One of the most popular trends nowadays is the tortoise-shell finish eyeglasses. They just look stylish and will give you a more youthful look. There is a wide range of tortoise-shell finish eyeglasses that will absolutely suit to your individual preferences. For a sleeker look, you can even have those with thick rectangular frames.

Take your style and fashion sense to a much higher level by having the tortoise-shell finish eyeglasses. They are classy and at the same time functional.

5. Aviator Eyeglasses

Extremely fashionable and trendy, the aviator eyeglasses will not disappoint when paired with the right outfit. It is available for both women and men. If you are an eyeglasses collector, then you should have a pair of two of these aviator eyeglasses. They are glamorous, stylish and timeless.

Choosing the right eyeglasses for you should not be hard. Know your style and determine what you really need and you can absolutely have the perfect glasses for you.