You’ve finished that bachelor’s degree and what a ride it had been. You may seem to be very busy right now but the idea of wanting to reach higher forms of learning in your current field pulls your thoughts. It is yearning for you to get an MBA. How do you get one anyway? This article will provide you the things you have to do to get that 1-year MBA that is sure to be a career booster.

Plan Ahead – find a school, check their requirements, and the costs

In other countries, 1-year MBAs are very common. It basically is the norm around the UK. In the U.S. however, this is not true. 1 year MBAs are very time-oriented and can get you that MBA you want in just 12 months. To top if it all off, you need to find a school first and meet their requirements. Usually, websites already give them requirements out and sometimes even have online applications. For instance, at Kellogg School of Management, North-western University, they require applicants to score not less than 600 on the GMAT and must have two years of working experience. Also, the costs would be your enemy if you were to stop working and just study. An average cost of $140,000.00 (includes boarding, books, tuition, and other expenses). State Schools may help you out in this problem as they cost much lower. If you can get that MBA part-time, some companies assume parts of the financial costs of getting the MBA while you continue to serve that very company. So, either you save up first or you continue working while you study is entirely up to you. The downside is, with a full-time work and part-time study, there will be little or no time for family much less a better social life. Much can change in a year, and you have to be able to plan ahead for those kinds of things.

Survive the MBA

You’ve already established that good routine to get that MBA going; however, you still have to go through the hardest part – surviving the MBA. A good sense of balance must be present in you to stop burning yourself out, especially if you plan to work while studying. Socialize from time to time too. Maybe that spark you need for another idea rests in the words and actions of another person or maybe that next margarita will supply that eureka moment. Being healthy is part of this too. You can’t keep up with the fast-paced study if you don’t eat well. A student of the MBA program must be able to schedule time for exercise and relaxation, nothing beats sweating to release stress. In the classroom environment however, a person must not let doubt grow. Ask questions whenever some things are unclear to you. If you cannot ask at the moment, go and schedule time with the professor or teaching assistant. Never stop until that restless feeling is gone. You won’t know the idea of the answer to the question if you don’t understand it.

MBAs are rigorous. This is basically you struggling for a better life while trying to fight for yourself. However, surviving MBA requires you to be strong in mind and character for those things will reward you greatly in the future.