MBAs are, in essence, a thing you may need to advance through the company charts, to satisfy curiosity, or to challenge oneself in hopes of getting better rewards in the future. However, why get the one year program? There are many advantages and benefits a person might be able to achieve working their way to the end of the program. Here are the top three reasons why many people enrol in one year MBAs.


In essence, getting to school basically means meeting new people. One year MBAs are very popular and may even help you establish that network you need. In a year’s span, you may be able to meet people to give you more insight, more opinions on where and how to improve your shortcomings, and of course, business and career opportunities. Some people can even teach you new things and give you better options to choose from in life. You also get to develop leadership in group works or papers, giving you more experience in managing and directing a group.

Almost Always Boosts Career

In retrospect, college is not easy and was rather hard but it was surely something that helped you out in your career. Same goes for getting the MBA. A higher salary is basically one of the best reasons why people feel the need to attain the one year MBA without risking stopping work. 70% of those who have MBAs around the world are the senior managers or even board directors. Facing reality, people tend to get easily bored with repetitive things so challenging yourself and getting through it is not only healthy for the mind but also is very beneficial to you. That is why with new skills, techniques, knowledge, and developed problem solving skills and decision making in a span of a year, one year MBAs totally hit them all.


Nowadays, people are pressed for time. Many people get discouraged on the fact that getting MBAs will surely eat their time. That is a yes, and also a no. Sure, getting the MBA will take time, a year in this case, however with one year to spend; you can easily get back whatever you have used up to pay for the year of study. Not only does it help a person fast, it also gets you back on the market almost immediately. A person might struggle at first when it comes to working while studying. Some people even stop working for a while to be able to focus and get that one year MBA. If this is not an option for you, you may always opt to study part-time if you’re good in balancing yourself between work and relaxation. The top reason is to actually cut the time for studying shorter and compress all that knowledge into a year without burning you out. This is why One Year MBAs are not only great but efficient in all things related to achieving success and learning.