The US government has the tax program that allows incentives to individuals or business entities for a certain favorable action done, thus reducing the amount of tax owed and due to pay for the current tax year. The government aims to provide financial aid for a cause or event. When an area is hit by great disaster such as hurricane or flooding, individuals or companies may be allotted or eligible to claim tax relief as aid to victims. The US government also supports environmental causes by qualifying entities or companies that promotes energy-efficient equipment with tax relief.

Tax Relief is the reduction on taxes due by an individual or any business entity. Those who are allowed for pension contributions and those who purchase high efficiency or energy efficient equipment may be entitled for tax relief. For a Tax Relief to be granted, there are several circumstances that the government takes into consideration. Certain requirements and regulation should also be met for a company, business, or individual to claim any form of tax relief at any rate allowed.


A business is eligible for tax relief for plant and machinery with the Annual Investment Allowance. The government allows 100% Tax Relief on the company’s first $500,000 spend on plant and machinery expenses. Aside from that, businesses that offer and promote energy-efficient appliances or equipment or devices may claim for tax relief at a certain rate according to the government.

Orchestra and Theater

Other successful and aspiring creative sectors may be eligible for tax relief on supported films, orchestra, theatres, animation, and video games. The government has appropriate set of rules to certify and verify eligibility of a certain sector for tax relief claims. The US government also announces the addition of qualifying North Theatres and Billingham Forum Theatres to claim the tax relief of up to 25%.

Terrorists Attack Survivors

US Internal Revenue Service provides survivors and their dependents eligibility to claim for tax relief upon attacks made by terrorist groups. Survivors and family of the persons killed in such attack may claim for tax relief.

Charitable Donations

Companies that are donating to charitable institutions and to charity causes may claim tax relief under the Gift Aid Scheme. Donation of cash made to support charity causes is also included. Companies and individuals doing this may claim tax relief upon certain verification.

Small Business

A small business can earn up to 30% dividend on income tax relief after three years of investment and top performance, and this gain can be maximized into a timely and profitable investment scheme.

Pension Contributions

Up to 50% of Tax relief is eligible for small business that applied for pension contribution for the current tax year. The US government allows assistance to small enterprises joining dividends. It is required, however, that the correct setting to the employees’ pension contribution is applied to claim for tax relief correctly.

Both private individuals and business entities in the US have an easier access to tax services for tax relief. If you are looking for legal assistance regarding taxes and tax reliefs, get legal help from tax resolution service providers and make your tax relief profitable for you or for your business.