After a life’s work, everyone needs a well-deserved break from all the struggles each may have faced over the years. However, retirement is not easy. You’ll have to think of things you can do to support yourself and/or the place you’ll retire to. As for the place, don’t hassle! This article has got you covered. Here are some of the best places you can retire at and enjoy the rest of your lives.


A country that features a relaxed lifestyle, and currently with much lower cost of living than London or Paris if you live even in Madrid or Barcelona, rent in a two-bedroom can actually reach just about $500. It can be bought with $60,000.00 and up! Talk about getting your money’s worth. The Spanish has been scattered all around the world because of their conquest and proof lies in their language. It’s time to learn more Spanish, with more than 20 countries speaking this language, Spain’s influence is really powerful on people. The sights are so good; you won’t be able to stop those selfies from coming in. Churches, festivals, and romantic nights, Spain is easily one of the best places to retire in.


Truly Asia, you say? As part of the Asian continent, Malaysia is a melting pot of cultures, traditions, and nature all paired together with modern living. As the cost of living here is not very high, you can even get your retirement pay to shop for a little while. Booking the ticket to Malaysia is even more exciting now because the food is not just first-class – It is World-Class! Healthcare is top of the line so no stress when it comes to medications. Sights to see and malls to shop in seem to be common things to look for here. With untouched rainforests and great shopping malls, Malaysia is a place to retire without stress of having to pay more.


Being able to see how cost-effective you can be after retirement is actually needed to make the last pay count. So what do you do? You go to Latin America’s Mexico. With the Peso to Dollar rate of 20 to 1, you can exchange 50% more dollars for their currency. Also with low rates and costs of living, a person in Mexico can practically live for a month with only $1200.00 – that is, with modern style, fully equipped homes. Although some parts of Mexico are not recommended because of the crime rates, the places that may accommodate a retiree outnumber the crime filled ones. Sure, you may think of Mexico as a hot and barren place but once you get to retire, you’ll know the reason behind why Mexico has been put at Number 1 at the Forbes’ list of places to retire at. With more English speakers at places where there are more retirees, it’ll be easier to get along with friendly locals. Becoming a citizen in this country has its perks too. At the age of 60, you get more discounts in every place you go. It basically is Mexico calling out to you now.