When starting a business, there is always a need for a detailed plan. The plan will state your identified market, determined costs for production, established initial budget, names of possible investors, and list of steps to legalize and make operational your business. But before doing all of these, you need to study which profitable small business is compatible with your skill set.

According to the World Bank, small and medium enterprises play an important role in most economies, especially for developing countries. These establishments contribute to almost 45 percent of total employment rates and 33 percent of the national income of emerging countries. In fact, the World Bank came up with programs that can help improve small and medium enterprises to access sources of capital. Be one of those small emerging businesses in 2017 and read these top three most profitable small businesses.

Mobile Businesses

A Mobile Business, is a business that moves. Some people even call it “business on wheels”, the most popular example is food trucks. It is basically a shop that you can go from one place to another. Price, mobility and inventory, these are the three advantages of mobile businesses.

The capital for a mobile business is essentially cheaper than other establishments. You get to save a lot of money for rent space and focus your budget on the technology you need in providing the best service for your costumers. Having your business on wheels, will be beneficial for covering more areas to attract regular clients. Mobility also acts as a marketing strategy at a low cost. Since your business is mobile, it is expected that you will have limited products for sale, this enables you to test the market first before buying bulk orders to be used for your production line.

Child-Oriented Businesses

A child-oriented business is also known as a “kid-focused business”. This kind of enterprise deals with everything involving kids, from toys to day care centers. Some of the successful child-oriented businesses were started by stay-at-home parents. People who love kids will surely enjoy this kind of business. The need for such business is so permanent, just imagine there are 255 births globally per minute. There is no chance of not having a client for you.

Starting a kid-focused business is simple if you know what you are doing. There are only three steps for establishing a child-oriented business. First, identify the age-group you want to focus in on. Different age groups, have different needs. Limiting your age-group will help you create saleable products. Second, create a kid-friendly product and space. You have to ensure that your store and product is safe for children because it’ll be what your buyers (the parents) would be primarily looking for. Third, conceptualize a product that attracts kids. The more unique and educational your product or service is the more clients you’ll be able to get.

Online Freelance Businesses

Online Freelance Businesses is one of the most popular small businesses worldwide. The task is simple, connect to the internet and start selling your services. Freelance jobs are so convenient even students get into it. The work available online is so vast, from data entry, tutoring and writing. The only limit you will have is your skills and capability.

In starting your online freelance business, you first need to have good internet connection and specific gadgets needed for you to best offer your services to clients. The more free time you have the better, the more chances of actually earning. You can even start an online freelance business as a group and be hired by a company to do bulk tasks online every day.

Your basis for starting your own small profitable business depends entirely on you and the dedication you have in starting it. Study your craft well and profit from your own small business now.