Since 1920s, SUVs become a popular choice among many drivers and vehicle owners. It offers great multifunctional benefits to drivers and passengers with its combination of seating capacity and heavy duty quality. If you are looking for a car, here are seven reasons why SUV is better than other cars and vehicles:

1. Extra Seating Capacity

SUV provides a wider accommodation that most cars cannot provide. It is a great choice for families with many members, even for those people who do carpool. Similar to a van, it can accommodate up to nine passengers in its comfortable interior space although it is kind of sporty in style and appearance. Vans may handle the same capacity, but SUVs offer a better option. The Chevrolet Suburban, as well as the Tahoe, offers extra seating capacity up to nine passengers while other upgraded SUVs can even accommodate more.


2. Versatility

SUVs are designed with foldable row seats, making it multifunctional and versatile. It does not only accommodate more passengers, it is also capable of handling cargo and boxes. The third row can be folded for hauling purposes giving extra storage space for some items.

3. Vehicle Handling

Many drivers prefer to drive vehicles with increased handling. The all-wheel drive option of the SUVs makes them a more popular choice for drivers, especially when driving through tough and challenged terrains. SUVs have an improved handling and tracking now than ever before, and its height and open design add to an improved visibility that drivers need for better vehicle handling.

4. Vehicle Safety

SUVs offer an improved vehicle safety as vehicle handling and better visibility are offered. It provides safety and added protection with its front grill that catches debris even before they hit or made contact with the front of the vehicle. The extra protection of this vehicle allows safety of the passengers and vehicle.

5. Fuel Efficiency

Crossover SUVs are much smaller in size and more efficient when it comes to gas usage. They offer the luxury of space while keeping its fuel efficiency an enjoyable feature. They are ideal for drivers who feel awkward driving large SUVs but still want large seating capacity. The Hybrid SUVs are also fuel efficient, making them a top choice for drivers.

6. Extra Horsepower

SUVs offer extra horsepower taking the vehicle to where it is heading on at great performance. Its power allows drivers to hit off road and rural areas easily, whether up the hill or through tough terrains. This is why many vehicle buyers prefer SUVs over other vehicles.

7. Towing Capability

The large size of an SUV allows it to be capable of towing other vehicles. Not all cars can do that. Its increased engine and transmission allows easy towing of boat, trailer, or any other items to be towed. The demands and needs of drivers change over time. The luxury of a bigger space with extra seating capacity for more passengers, as well as the improved performance and functionality are among the reasons why SUVs remain a favorite among many drivers.